Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013: Be Merry

Tis the season to be jolly! Jeremy and I have been overwhelming busy this month trying prepare for Christmas. Jeremy has been busy coaching JV basketball at Carmel Christian, I've been busy with work and having my nose buried in my latest book, Divergent, and Apollo has been on a bad streak of chewing anything that is in sight while we are away. With all of the hype surrounding us, we have tried our best to live up to our Christmas card and Be Merry.

Jeremy and I always try and give back to the community especially during Christmas season. We picked out a few gifts for a little boy and girl to sell at our church, Forest Hill, Christmas Toy Village. I also, for the first time, helped prepare and serve lunch and with my fellow work employees at Rowan Helping Ministries in Salisbury. It always feels good to serve the community and help in any way we can and I must say, it always feels extra special in the month of December.

The big day finally arrived as the weather finally went below 70 degrees and turned cold reminding us that it was, indeed, Christmas Eve. We enjoyed a great Christmas Eve service surrounded by friends and family feeling very grateful and humbled to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

That night Jeremy, Reuben and I had a small dinner that featured some pretty fabulous sweet potatoes I made. We opened a few gifts and went to bed with happy hearts. Apollo got a bone even though he deserved coal with the way he's been acting lately. We awoke the next morning preparing for Christmas #1 with the Littles at my sister's house. I walked into their home with the first thing out of Keegan's mouth being, "ASHA!" It seriously melts my heart anytime I hear him say my name :) We exchanged gift after gift and afterwards sat down to some delicious prime rib that melted in our mouths.

We came home took a quick nap to gear up for Christmas #2 with the Singletons. Waking up refreshed, we packed Apollo, the Christmas ham, and more gifts into the car and headed down the road to our next destination. More gifts, smiles and laughter were exchanged as we watched the Miami-Lakers game and stuffed our faces with the best green beans on the planet. (I'm a little obsessed with my mother-in-law's green beans)

We happily came home with left-overs galore and happy to have spent the entire day with family that fill our hearts with so much joy. We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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