Friday, November 8, 2013

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

It's way past Halloween but I feel like all I've blogged about lately is concerts. They're great and all but I figured I'd switch it up a bit and tickle your fancy.

Jeremy and I were lame this year and didn't dress up for Halloween. Well...Jeremy attempted to dress up but things didn't go as planned. He found an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume from Target (along with those awesome foam wigs above) and just haaaaaad to purchase it. There was one tiny problem. No adult sizes. We found an Extra Large and when we got home he squeezed his way into it. It was a little snug and lets face it....we both decided he was not going to wear it in public. I did get a good laugh though.We were able to capture a picture of awesomeness just for you.

Back to the point of this blog...Jeremy and I both won Halloween contests that we entered this year! We also received some pretty awesome gifts. Jeremy walked away the Grand Champion of the annual Kafsky Pumpkin Carving party. This is a big deal, people! There were AT LEAST 20 pumpkin's entered so it was pretty awesome that he won. He showed up to the party without a pumpkin, was convinced he needed to carve one, went out and bought a pumpkin, carved it and then ended up winning the whole shabang! The prize package included a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings, a Halloween hat, Halloween decorations and some Frogs Breath Beer that we're afraid to drink.

Now let's get to my Halloween glory. I am proud to announce that I ended up winning the Halloween Snack Day contest at work! I made Pumpkin Dip (recipe here) but I must say, it was all in the presentation. I carved a small pumpkin which took FOREVER. (That sucker had me sweating and working for an hour trying to carve it out!) I then used some wax paper to help maneuver and make it look like the pumpkin was puking it's guts out. It was Halloween after all. Either people got a kick out of it or they thought my dip was really good because the votes came in and I walked away with an iPhod Shuffle! Woop! Woop!

Even though we're weeks behind, we hope you had a Happy Halloween! Oh and ya know...It's kind of funny that we actually did end up winning a chicken dinner.

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