Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sister, Sister

My sister and I weren't the closest while we were growing up. With me being 5 years behind in age, I was often the annoying little sister always trying to get into her business. Fast forward to our young adult years and it's a different story. Now a days we make time to call and spend time with each other. I was overly happy when she said yes to having a night out on the town, just me and her...Something we shockingly have never done.

Last Saturday we headed uptown to dinner and a show by Joshua Radin and Matt Nathanson. My sister agreed to go to the show having no clue who either of them were. We blended into the crowd at Amos' Southend and listened to Joshua Radin open the show with his sweet sound. He captured the crowds attention by stepping away from the mic and singing solo. I must say I loved it and would love to see him play live in a coffee shop or small theatre. Matt Nathanson caught our attention in a different way. He is quite the character, confident in his ways and not really giving a flying flip what you think of him. That's the vibe I got anyways. Matt played a lot of old stuff and new, describing how each song came to be throughout the show. He had us singing Whitney Houston tunes, laughing and dancing most of the night. 

Joshua Radin

Matt Nathanson

It was a great time to catch up and talk about all things sisters gab about. It was a sister-date long overdue and hopefully a little tradition soon to start! 

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  1. I had a great time! Thanks for hosting a great night!!! :-)