Thursday, November 8, 2012

Climbing Mountains

Long story short, Jeremy and I had planned a little getaway vacation with our church LifeGroup this past weekend. We rented a cabin along with 7 other couples and had looked forward to the weekend with friends! Unfortunately, we found out just days before that we had been scammed and there was no way to book another cabin so close to our departing date. On a positive note, we will be getting our money back (yay!) and we had an awesome weekend with our friends from group anyways. Nothing was going to stop us :)

We awoke Saturday morning and got breakfast at what is turning out to be a local spot for us, Poppyseeds Bagels. With a yummy blueberry bagel satisfying my taste buds, we were off to meet the three other couples in our group to hike up Crowders Mountain.

Three days later and my poor little hammies (hamstrings) are still feeling the effects of Crowders Mountain. The hike wasn't too hard, however, we did take the strenuous trail, so it wasn't that easy was juuuuust right...the perfect workout for a Saturday morning. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and was too good to be true for a morning hike. The strenuous parts uphill were worth it in the end and the view from atop was a reminder of how lucky we were to witness the autumn beauty of the North Carolina mountains.

Although we were bummed to not spend a weekend in the mountains, we still had a great time hanging out with the group. Later that evening, we met up for Game Night and it was filled with lots of laughter, great food and some amazing memories. We'll have our cabin trip eventually and I'm sure it will be... wait for it... LEGENDARY. This group is pretty amazing and Jeremy and I are super happy that they actually like us  :)

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