Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sigh. The 2012 Olympics are over. We won't miss staying up until midnight to catch all of the coverage but we will miss the thrill and excitement in the air that the 2012 Games brought with it. We were glued to the t.v. whether we knew the results or not. We watched our country with great pride as they succeeded to come out on top with gold, silver and bronze medals in various sports.

Here are a few of our favorite moments from this years Games.

Jeremy's Favorite moment - It's a tie between Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings winning gold, Allyson Felix winning gold in the 200m, the team portion of gymnastics and everything Usain Bolt was involved in. I won't go into huge detail about each of these because the wife doesn't want this to be a super long blog (understandable) so just know these were my favorites.

Asha's Favorite moment - I loved the moment when South African runner, Oscar Pistorious and Kirani James of Grenada traded race bibs with each other after the semi final 400m. It was a touching story on both sides with Oscar being the first double amputee to run in an Olympic race and Kirani representing his "spice island" country with pride. Witnessing this happen during my favorite track event made the moment even more special.

Oh, and I also LOVED seeing the Spice Girls back together during the Closing Ceremony :)

(J) Surprise - I was really surprised at how exciting fencing was. It's not the best spectator sport (to actually watch in the stadium/arena) but on television with the advantage of replay, plus an audience who actually knows what's going on cheering and fencers who get SUPER excited after each point. It was riveting.

(A) Surprise - I was shocked at how intrigued I was watching the Team Rhythemtic Gymnastics event towards the end of the Games. Those teams came up with some creative moves. It was just fun to watch and let's just say I wish I was flexible and could move like that.

(J) Favorite sport to hate that was actually televised - Diving. Not only am I not a huge fan of sports that involve judges determining the outcome, but I hated watching and saying, "ah man, that was really good!" only to hear the commentators say, "oooo, that's going to be a huge deduction there..." It was LAME.

(A) Favorite sport to hate that was actually televised - Unlike Jeremy, I never got into fencing. It was just too quick for me to understand what they were doing. I lost interest quickly and went about doing my own thing.

Seeing so much Olympic coverage also made us want to go work out...get something. Watching track & field made both of us want to go run a lap around the neighborhood. We never did...but it was tempting! We even ended up doing headstands one night while watching the "fierce five." We couldn't quite make it up to a handstand... saving that for Rio!

We know that Rio will bring even more gold medals for the U.S.A. in 2016! The overwhelming pride for our country is a great feeling that we look forward to. Watching our fellow Americans compete and win takes winning to another level. NBA and NFL championships like to call themselves "world champions" even though America is pretty much the only place that competes. Not in the Olympics. Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, USA Basketball, Misty and Kerri - they're truly the best in the WORLD. (Yeah...we threw Bolt in there with other American athletes. He's basically American anyway.)

See you in 2016, Olympics. We'll miss ya!

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