Friday, August 10, 2012

Photo A Day July

Holy crap! We are almost halfway through August! I didn't think I would remember any of my recap stories from July but as soon as I looked at the pictures one more time, all of their stories came running back to me.

1. self portrait. It was a Sunday afternoon and Jeremy was so kind to take my picture before we left to run errands. He captured a great one!

2. busy. Jeremy was busy cooking up a scrumptious meal for dinner; shrimp tacos!!!

3. best part of your day. Jeremy and I celebrated July 4th a little early at the Whitewater Center. We took Apollo and all 3 of us enjoyed the free ice cream :)

4. fun. What isn't fun about July 4th? This year Jeremy and I both took off work early and headed to go see the The Amazing Spiderman. It was good. Really good.

5. on the floor. 20 pound weights. Obviously not mine.

6. chair. We decided to sit outside and eat dinner for our friday night out.

7. garden. We don't have a garden. Nor have we ever planted any type of flower. We happened to be going to Lowes that day to pick out paint but we ended up leaving home with gardening essentials. I have yet to paint and the flowers we bought and planted have now died. I'm afraid I don't have a green thumb.

8. lunch. Jeremy was feeling nice this day and treated me, Reuben, Shannon, and his parents to lunch at one of our favorite breakfast spots, Brigs Restaurant! He did this "just because".  I seriously have the best husband ever.

9. large. A co-worker and fellow van rider gave me this home grown tomato from one of her fellow co-workers garden. I never got around to eating that tomato. It ended up getting moldy by the time I actually wanted to use it. Hey, at least at one point I had good intentions.

10. your favorite color. YELLOW! I snapped this picture after one of our summer evening storms.

11. letter. A for ASU from our awesomely awesome t-shirt quilt made of our college T's.

12. texture. Palm tree from our time spent in Florida last June.

13. open. A diet coke from one of my now favorite restaurants in downtown Matthews, Pure Taqueria.

14. building. Reuben, my mom and I walked the streets of downtown Matthews that morning.

15. finger. Time to relax and read by the pool.

16. sign. A sign from the local Farmer's Market.

17. your addiction. I can't get enough of zucchini in the summer. I could eat it every day.

18. plate. Jeremy made those yummy shrimp tacos for dinner again. They were just as delicious the second time around.

19. pet. My fur-baby, Apollo. I love him to pieces.

20. eyes. This was after getting caught in one of those summer evening downpours. I was soaked from sprinting to my car in a matter of seconds.

21. 9 o'clock. We were at our second cookout of the day celebrating our friends move into their first home together. You can't beat an evening that involves s'mores and good friends!

22. upside down. I snapped this photo when we were at the Whitewater Center earlier in the month. Isn't he handsome?

23. mirror. A butterfly mirrors itself in it's pattern. I thought outside the box on that one.

24. a stranger. Strangers gathered to look at adorable puppies looking for a home.

25. heart. I found this gem on the sidewalk. It happens to be my favorite color.

26. sunshine. I've got sunshine on a cloudy day....

27. on the road. Taking the back roads to work.

28. cup. We had an early morning volunteering at Beds for Kids with our lifegroup at church. We rewarded ourselves with BoJangles for breakfast. It's Bo Time!

29. last thing you bought. A night out at the movies with my mom, sister and aunt. Any guesses to what we saw? ;)

30. calm. By now you know that I love the Whitewater Center. This was taken once the rapids were turned off and the water was nice and calm.

31. toothbrush. This was so odd and random to me. But hey, I would never take a picture of my toothbrush otherwise. This is why I love this little challenge.

I may have posted July late but no worries, I am still keeping up with August's photo list. So far it's one of my favorites to date!

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