Monday, October 17, 2011

I actually made something I saw on Pinterest

Pinterest. What an awesome, addictive site to store and browse photos of all things that you find interesting. It has become another one of my staple websites to explore, along with Twitter and Facebook.  Pinterest is mainly a collage of photos that people find online. They simply "pin" a picture referencing the site and then that picture goes to the main site. Genius.

Now that I have my own home to design and decorate (it's coming together slowly but surely), Pinterest comes in handy. Through Pinterest, I am able to see all sorts of ideas that I can use to enhance our home. It's not only great for DIY projects, but recipes, photography, design, and styling as well! 

I am SUPER excited to decorate for the holidays! I was scanning the  DIY section and noticed a fairly easy project of yarn wreaths. I decided to give it a try. 

I headed to A.C. Moore and loaded my basket with yarn, a foam wreath, and fake flowers. All that was needed was a glue gun, which I already had at home. 

These DIY projects are nice to do on the weekend because Jeremy takes over our only TV with football. I love me some football but Jeremy LOVES him some football. There's a big difference. These little projects give me something to do and we are able to be in the same room at peace :)

This wreath was pretty easy to make! All I had to do was glue one piece and then go around the wreath making sure each piece touched each other securely. Simple. Once I was done with that, I glued the flowers, and  VOILA! A beautiful wreath to hang on the door. I plan on making one for Christmas, as well. Super, super easy!

I do have a downside to my little project. I went out to buy one of those over-the-door hangers so I could hang my wreath. Once I got home, the door wouldn't shut with it on. BUMMER. Now I need to go out and find a thinner one. For now our door is bare, but soon we'll have some decorations to bring a little bit of Fall into our home.

Oh yeah, the grand total for this project was only $12.95. Woohoo! I'm not gonna lie, that foam thing cost more than I thought it would. Oh well. It all turned out the way I wanted, so I'm happy!

Happy Pinning, everyone :)


  1. I read on a blog that instead of getting the foam base from a craft should go to Lowes and get foam tubing and cut it into a circle, but obviously that would give your wreath a more round shape. But apparently the tubing is super cheap....I haven't checked yet tho. Love the wreath!

  2. Thanks, Kristen! I'll definitely look into going to Lowes for tubing on my next wreath. Thank you for the tip!