Monday, May 4, 2015


I started this post a few weeks ago. I got as far as the title. Twenty-nine. I've been lulling this post, not really sure what words to fill it with. I think it's because I'm at a time in my life where I'm itching to do big things; start a family, find a permanent job (MetLife is unfortunately a contract job and will end next year) and complete house projects. I'm at a point where I need to be patient and wait for God's timing. Being patient is hard....especially when I'm pretty much a patient person to begin it's really hard. But I trust Him and his outlook on Jeremy and I's life.

So getting back to the big day. It was awesome! Not gonna lie, I was a little sad not to spend it with my Food Lion friends. They have topped my birthday over the past 5 years and I was a little nervous it wouldn't be the same at MetLife. Turns out I was wrong. My MetLife friends surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries, cannolis, donuts and chocolate cupcakes. They know I have quite the sweet tooth. What topped the cake was a surprise flower delivery from Elyse! The delivery guy came by my desk wanting me to sign for the delivery and I seriously thought it was a mistake. (I never get deliveries....obviously). Elyse was too sweet to do this, expressing she was sad she couldn't be there to decorate my desk like she has done in the past. It seriously made my day!

I also got to celebrate with my birthday twin, Chelsea. We enjoyed a double date at Nakato chatting it up about all things Marvel, work, etc.

Jeremy spoiled me all month long. He surprised me with little gifts he left for me to find. I'm kind of obsessed with popcorn from World Market. He got me some for each week. Oh! And he also got me the best shirt ever! You should all know I am obsessed with Mindy Kaling by now. This shirt is beyond perfect.

He also took me to dinner at an intimate restaurant in downtown Waxhaw. We dined at Heritage Food & Drink, where we chose from a farm-to-table menu that changes daily. We accidentally ended up eating a 3 course meal but everything was so good, we simply couldn't stop eating! We will definitely be back. Especially when they have Tempura Rapini on the menu.

It was a great birthday. I'm excited and nervous to see what twenty-nine brings. It's time to enjoy this moment in my life while I'm waiting for the big things to come. Twenty-nine, let's do this.

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