Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Mother's Love

A few weeks ago we spent the weekend celebrating our beautiful mothers. Jeremy and I are very lucky to have both moms live close by so we were able to spoil them with special gifts they deserve every day of the year.

The morning was spent with the Little family brunching it up and doing a little gardening. We spoiled Momma L with tickets to Dirty Dancing on Broadway coming to Charlotte mid-June. Dirty Dancing is one of her FAVORITE movies and we can't wait to see what the broadway will bring. No doubt about it, she loved it!

After playing in the dirt, we headed over to the Singleton's for an early dinner. We showered Momma S with gifts, one in particular, really special. Jeremy and Reuben filled a book of 50 reasons why they love their Mom. It was so sweet and something she will cherish forever.

Speaking of mommas, my dear friend Elyse is about to become one! At the beginning of the month I got to surprise her at her baby shower being thrown at work. It was a little surreal being back in Salisbury but it was SO worth it to see her reaction to me popping up in the room. There was no way I was missing her shower at work. It only seemed fitting since that was where we met and formed our friendship. It was so great seeing her and other friends I miss seeing on a daily basis!

To all the mamma's out there, you should be celebrated every day! Hopefully I'll be able to join your little club one day soon.

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