Saturday, February 28, 2015


Every February, we like to update everyone on what we're currently loving. It's our way to share with you all some of the awesomeness we've got going on in the Singleton household.

So without further ado, let's put a bow on this month! Here's a quick look at what we're loving at the moment!

We definitely have a bit of 'hipster' in us, but we've totally fallen in love with vinyl records. There's just something about the crackling noise made once the needle touches the album that just feels (and sounds) good. We've quickly increased our little collection with a wide variety of albums. From Jay-Z to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson to Hozier - relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with the smooth sounds from a vinyl record has become routine.

Date Nights!
Recently we've enjoyed time spent together and have had some fun date nights! Our date nights have included:
Comedian Hannibal Burress. This guy is funny. He's pretty quirky, but undeniably hilarious. He's played small rolls in a few movies (most recently the police officer in 'Neighbors') but his stand-up is must-see.

Black Violin. This duo of hip hop violinists was quite a surprise! Mixing classical violin with hip hop culture, this fusion was a delight to experience and dance to. The creative mix of genres and styles made for a fun and highly entertaining evening the sold out theatre clearly enjoyed.

Mraz. Asha's favorite artist finally put a tour date that was semi-close to home. She bought tickets and instantly told me I was her date for the evening. It was a great show and of course she loved it. I'm pretty sure she'll be blogging about it in the next post.

I enjoyed another fun year of coaching JV basketball at Carmel Christian High School. This past season was the debut of almost an entirely new coaching staff. We didn't quite have the same success on JV as the previous season, but there's definitely a new culture forming within the basketball program. The new staff had a seamless transition bringing in much needed excitement and energy which definitely translated onto the court. The best thing about coaching is that it continues to be fun and I'm already excited for next season.

Thank God for DVR! A couple shows we're enjoying right now are 'Empire', 'Blackish' and 'the Goldbergs'. Empire has been surprisingly addicting. I've labeled it as the "black version of Nashville". Lots and lots and lots of drama within the music hip hop music industry. Plus, there's some good music.

After a slow start, 'Blackish' has now become a favorite. It helps that the show is very relatable to us, but it's nice to see familiar scenarios played out comedically on screen.

Asha has also been into the Goldbergs. She's been watching since season 1 but I seem to laugh any time I get a glimpse of it. It seems to be having a good run.

We really wanted to bring you at least 5 subjects to talk about but that 5th was a struggle. We'll just have to settle for 4 and hope that you enjoy those.

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