Monday, December 29, 2014

A Singleton Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Christmas rules:
1. Laugh and be merry with family and friends.
2. Give.
3. Eat a lot.

Asha and I are fortunate to have both sets of families within the same city which makes it much easier to spread the love during the holidays. One of the best advantages to this is being able to double dip on Christmas dinners!

First up: The Littles

As we all gathered to get our grub on, it was clear to see Keegan's battery life was definitely at 100%. The nephew was "turnt all the way up" as he ran at LEAST 50 laps throughout the house. The best part of the night was finally hearing him call me "Uncle Jeremy". That was pretty awesome.

After breaking a sweat watching him run around, we eventually sat around the table and enjoyed a delicious meal. And of course, during that meal, Keegan took a few more laps. (Kid's gotta get his cardio in.)

Next it was time to open presents and luckily, we had an energetic 2 year old there to help us rip off any and all wrapping paper. As always, great gifts were exchanged. Ranging from humorous to sentimental,  and each gift was perfect.

Day two: The Singletons

Now it was time to travel over to the Singleton's neck of the woods. We began with another round of great gift giving followed by a delicious dinner. For this family gathering, we did a little more work in the kitchen preparing the entire meal ourselves. Can't lie either, we did good. Not to toot our own horns but… *toot toot*

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. Despite the usual critics who enjoy telling us how commercialized the holiday has become, it's still heartwarming to see the joy and happiness on the faces of those who give and receive gifts. Even if we must purchase some extra things, bake a few more cookies, and spend a little more time with family, it's good to focus on some truly important things (whether it's forced or not). This year we had so much fun with family, gave (and received) very special gifts, and absolutely gained a few pounds. We followed the Christmas rules and enjoyed a wonderful holiday. Hope you all followed the rules and had a very merry Christmas!

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