Friday, March 21, 2014

Say Yes to the Dress: BRIDESMAIDS Edition

If you didn't already know, my bestie, Sairy, is getting married this November! This past January, I happily accepted her request to be a bridesmaid. I literally did a happy dance in my living room upon receiving the invitation. Needless to say, Sairy is on top of things and knocking things off of her Bridal To Do List, one after the other. She reserved a day for Katie (another friend and bridesmaid) and I, to try on dresses and narrow down the choices that will stand beside her stunning wedding gown on her big day.

I don't know what it is but whenever Sairy and I go dress shopping together, something....interesting...always happens. Luckily, we always have a camera on hand to get a photo of it.

Let's rewind to 11 years ago to our junior prom. Ahhhhh, ELEVEN?!!?! Holy heck. We were dress shopping for our first ever prom dresses and ended up cracking up on the dressing room floor when Sairy got stuck trying to take off her prom dress. My case in point:

And for a little flashback, here are some photos from Junior Prom:

Fast forward 7 years later, and you will find the situation reversed when I had a similar situation trying to take off my wedding dress in the dressing room. Again, we ended up laughing on the floor with a picture to prove it.

And now we come full cirlce to a few weekends ago. As we were searching for the perfect bridesmaid dress, we somehow accidentally picked out some type of gaucho pant jumper dress. You should have seen me in the dressing room as I was so very confused on why this dress wasn't fitting over my hips. It turns out, I was trying to get my entire waistline into one pant leg. After taking the dress off, giving it a second look, and reevaluating the entire situation, I called Sairy in to get reassurance. Was this dress PANTS?!!?! Yep. She confirmed it. There was no backing down and I put both legs in the pants and came out laughing, nonetheless.

Sairy, Katie and I spent the entire day trying on dresses. I never thought my fingers would hurt from zipping zippers all day but it was totally worth it to spend the day with those two. Sairy has the best interest in all of her bridesmaids and is sure to pick something we all feel beautiful in. Stay tuned for November to see her beautiful wedding!

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