Friday, October 11, 2013

Writer's Block

Well we're already almost halfway through October but I've finally had some time to sit down and write. By finding time to write, I mean while sitting on the vanpool on the way to work. Hey, I'll work with any extra time I've got. Anyways, the Singleton household has been running non-stop for the past 4 weeks. I've sadly neglected the blog. That or I may have a small case of writer's block. Here's a quick recap of what we've been up to the past month.

Jeremy started coaching his first ever flag football team at the Y. I've only been able to make it to one game this season (told ya we've been busy) but the one I went to couldn't have made me more proud to be his wife. The first look at his team compared to others had me a little weary but boy did they shock me. They went on to win that game without the other team even scoring! So far, Jeremy's team, the Blue Destroyers, is undefeated this season. I love watching Jeremy coach and interact with the kids. It only shows what a great dad he will some day be.

Moving on...two of my friends got married last month! My sister's best and childhood friend, Amanda, tied the knot at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. I had never been to the Gardens before so it was fun to walk around and take a quick tour of the facility. My other friend and co-worker, Kate, said "I do" to her beau late September. She had a unique barn wedding with the ceremony in a cow pasture. This wedding could not have been any cuter. It had so many unique details and you could tell a lot of work went into it. I'm so happy for both couples! Congrats to you both!

September. That means football. We only have one t.v. in the house so it's been a battle of who's watching what and when. Football always dominates but I've tried to make the best of it by having family and friends over for Panthers games or us visiting and watching while we're out and about. Both App and the Panthers haven't had the best start to the season but I'll try and stay optimistic.

My sister's job hosted a family fun day which included a huge blow up slide. Normally I wouldn't volunteer to climb up the wobbly steps but I'll do it for my nephew. He had the best time jumping in the bounce house. I love seeing him so happy and fearless :)

I don't think I've gone a month this year without going to a concert. The Evening Muse hosted Nathan Angelo who is always fun to watch perform. I remember the monsoon that we had to walk through that night but Nathan made it all worth it with his performance.

Midway through the month, Elyse and I volunteered to do a roadside cleanup at work. About 15 of us set out to clean a stretch of 3 miles of roadway. It wasn't the best or easiest job but it felt good to get outside and clean the environment. You wouldn't believe some of the things we came across. We ended up collecting 57 bags of trash within the 3 mile stretch. 57!! Crazy. Don't litter, people!

Jeremy and I ended the month with one of my favorite photographers and someone near and dear to my heart, Sunny of Themba Imagery. Sunny was gracious enough to capture our wedding, my bridal portraits, our first year photos and now our second year. She suggested we meet at Anne Close Springs Greenway for the shoot and it couldn't have been more perfect. She posted a few sneak peaks the next day and it left me even more excited for what is to come.

Alright. I'm all caught up with September. Our October adventures are soon to follow.

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