Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Better Late Than Never

This past November I got the chance to put on my wedding dress once more. Not only did I get to relive the moment with my dress, but I also got the chance to get pampered once more which is always a plus in my book. Hair, makeup, a lovely flower bouquet...the whole nine yards. It was bound to be a great day!

If you were able to attend our wedding, you would have noticed one thing missing. My bridal portraits. I actually opted out of having my bridal portraits taken only because I thought I would look silly posing for pictures all by my lonesome self. I guess it's a weird phobia of mine. Instead of having bridal portraits, I had a friendship shoot with my bridesmaids. I loved being able to have some alone time with my girls, spending a days worth getting our hair/makeup done along with hanging out uptown for some pictures. The images came out great and I will cherish them forever.

After our wedding passed, Sunny (our photographer), contacted me and easily talked me into having my bridal portraits done. By this time, I had worked with her several times and knew that taking photos by myself wouldn't be an issue this time around. I knew Sunny would be able to loosen me up and capture some great shots. Speaking of great shots, these are some of my favorite!

While posing for pictures, I actually wasn't alone at all. In fact, I had quite the audience. More than a handful of people were flooding the streets, exiting the Panthers game which we sadly lost. I also got plenty of shutouts saying "Congrats!"...little did they know, I was already married :)

Photos weren't the only thing I was being featured in.  I was also being filmed for a promo video for Themba Imagery. I felt so lucky to be a part of it and I absolutely love the outcome of the video. You should watch below!!!

Themba Imagery Promo from Brian Bunn on Vimeo.

Thank you, Sunny, for taking the time to take photos of me while I can still fit into my wedding dress! The photos came out beautifully and I know that wouldn't have happened without you and your amazing team (Tisha Ross {makeup} & Brian Bunn {videography}).


  1. Gorgeous pictures. The video rocked as well!

  2. Thanks, Queen! You're the best :)

  3. You'll always be my favoritest bride ever ever ever. Love you sweetie!