Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weekend Getaway

The month of September has been a busy one for me. Busy in a good way. I have been working on a HUGE freelance project that has been consuming my life for the past few weeks. All the stress and hard work will pay off and I can't wait to share my work with you all on the next post. This post, however, is all about my fun weekend amongst my stressful weeks at work.

The past weekend started out with a Dave Barnes and Nathan Angelo concert with mi amigas, Elyse and Rachel. I am a fan of both and was looking forward to seeing them perform all month. While on my way to the show, I got a text from my friend, Sarah, asking if I could help out with Dave's merch table. Long story short, the original merch girl dropped out at the last minute and they needed someone pronto. Sarah used to work for Dave and she also used to live in Charlotte. His staff put two and two together, asked her if she knew anyone that would help, and voila! You get Asha :) I have to be honest, I was a little nervous but it turned out to be fun! I got to mingle with fans and use a handy dandy credit card iPod swiper. That thing was cool. Might have been the best part, haha.
Merch Rep!

Although I was at the front working, I did get the chance to sneak away and see some of the show which was great as always. You'll always end up laughing at a Dave Barnes show. All the more reason to love him.

Dave Barnes!

I was hoping to meet him after since I helped out but instead I got a free CD. Score! I did want to ask him why he had a t-shirt for sale with The Mount Zion Gospel Choir on it. I kind of wish I bought it just because there was only one left. So Dave, if you happen to read this, explain please! Below is a picture with Nathan Angelo :)

Nathan Angelo!

Next on the weekend agenda was a trip to Boone for some good ol' App football! For the past week, Charlotte has become Seattle because it ALWAYS seems to be raining. It was the same that Saturday morning. It rained on our way up the mountain and it rained on our way down the mountain. The sun came out at the right time and decided to show for the football game! All until the last minutes of the 4th quarter. We walked away with a W and a happy heart since our Mountaineers won!  We ended the day with some good eats alongside Reuben (brother-in-law) and Shannon (friend/girlfriend of Reuben), despite the restaurant running out of their homemade ketchup. I was devastated but managed to finish my meal :)

Photo by Jess Norman
The Rock!

 There you have it folks. A weekend full of great music, friends, and football. Fall is here!

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