Friday, April 8, 2011

Return to Sender

Well, I did it! I got the invitations out on time! Woohoo {insert happy dance}. It took countless trips to Michaels, three trips to Paper-Source, eight rolls of double-sided tape, an envelope crisis, and a post office crisis. Alas, I got it done and I am absolutely in LOVE with how they turned out. I hope the post office handles them with care.

Your invites were definitely made with lots of love from Jeremy, Apollo, and I. I bet your wondering how the heck I got those two involved. Keep reading and I'll tell ya :)
Workin' hard putting the invites together

It took some begging but Jeremy finally gave in. He has the best hand writing out of the two of us (in my opinion) so he was the lucky one to address all the envelopes. I have to thank him everyday until the wedding for doing that.
I made sure to make proof that he helped
Believe it or not, Apollo helped out too! He had plenty of slobber stored up to help seal the envelopes. ;) Haha I kidd, I kidd. Instead, he slept the whole time.

Not much help at all
I'm going to wait to post what the invitations look like. I want our guests to see them first before they see the blog. You'll just have to sit tight for a few weeks. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if these guys showed up to our wedding?! I'm hoping for a response of some sort. Fingers crossed!!! I don't know what I'd do if Jason Mraz showed up to our wedding....a girl can dream can't she?
Hand drawn by Jeremy of course


  1. I really hope you are kidding about Apollo's drool! That's actually what I immediately assumed to be his contribution when I first read that he was involved.

  2. Cute! They turned out BEAutiful!!!