Monday, April 18, 2011

BBQ Tour 2011

As many of you know, I like to spend my many hours during the summer gorging on some delicious slow-cooked pulled pork barbecue. Love it so much I blogged about some of the tasty plates I was so lucky to clean on my own, personal barbecue tour of Charlotte. I will admit, I wasn't able to get to EVERY restaurant I wanted to get to. Believe it or not, gas prices tend to inflate during the summer months and that keeps me a little closer to home. With that said, I will gladly recommend Jim 'n Nick's and Mac's (my 2 favorites in Charlotte) to anyone in search of some tasty barbecue.

The summer of 2011 is quickly approaching which leads me to the obvious question - What's next? So I come to you, my fellow bloggers and blog-readers, what should I do this summer to let my taste buds dance for joy and help myself gain a few pounds? Here are some options I've thought of:

  1. Take the hit in the wallet and venture outside of Charlotte for some great barbecue! I don't necessarily want to leave the state, but I would like to do a good comparison between Eastern and Western styles.
  2. Every restaurant I went to for barbecue last summer also served ribs. Guess what -- I also LOVE me some ribs! The thought of eating ribs all summer literally made my stomach rumble and my mouth water.
  3. You know the show, "The Best ____ I Ever Had" on Food Network? If you don't know what I'm talking about, the show basically has about 4-5 of the top chefs on the network sit and talk about the best something they've ever had (burger, meat, seafood, breakfast, etc). So I was thinking, I've got lots of friends who like to eat. What if all summer I take suggestions from a friend/reader on the best _______ they've ever had (in Charlotte), then go with them to that restaurant and taste for myself? Not gonna lie, this idea is growing on me.
Ok, those are 3 options that I've mulled over lately. Tying in with option #3, I would like to do at least SOME of this summer tour with another witness or 2. I had TONS of fun eating all of that barbecue last summer, but it was unfortunate that I couldn't share more of the experience with others. So please, join me this go around and share some good times and good food with me!

Happy Eating!


  1. I'm sure the Normans (Brad et. al. and CJ et. al.) would be more than happy to join you in your eating escapades!

  2. I'm down for some good eatin! Do you like chinese food?