Friday, February 3, 2017

Showered With Love

There's nothing like having all of your closest girlfriends in one room at the same time. I felt nothing but love on Sunday, January 15th, as we celebrated the arrival of Elijah in the cutest little bakery in Fort Mill, South Carolina. My sister, Nickie, did an amazing job organizing and prepping a beautiful afternoon for my friends and family to enjoy. One of my best friends, Sairy, was also by her side helping her when needed. They pulled off a great shower that left me and the bump exhausted but filled with love.

I started off the shower chatting and welcoming everyone to Z Bakery, a quaint little house turned pastry shop, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. After our bellies were full, my sister tested our nursery rhyme knowledge with a quiz that ended in a prize to the highest score, of course. I failed but I did make her sing a few rhymes, just for the heck of it.

Nickie wasn't done testing our baby knowledge as she had one more quiz where we matched the name of candy bars to birth terms. It was a clever and fun quiz that I didn't pass but had fun playing anyways.

My sister then put everyone to work as she led my girls into the game room where everyone decorated blocks for Elijah to play with in the future and write diaper memos for Jeremy and I to chuckle at during those late night blowouts. She also had a few more games for people to enjoy where they guessed how many hershey kisses were in a bottle and a "price is right" type game on baby products that I, fortunately, got to keep!

Time was running out, so we moved on to opening gifts. I got some great gifts that were thoughtful and will be well-used down the road!

I can't thank everyone enough for their love and support during this time. Elijah is so lucky to be surrounded by strong, beautiful women that will keep him grounded. And I am one lucky mama-to-be!

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