Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Best of October

October was a busy month full of 5ks, Gimore Girls, baby kicks and our last days with Apollo. Here is a quick recap of what went down.

I finally fished up my 2016 race series with a 5k at the beginning of the month and a 5 miler towards the middle of the month. No more races for this mama. I'm hanging up my running shoes and admiring my medals.

Gilmore Girls Day 
I'm pretty sure this child might come out singing, "When you lead, I will follow," the theme song for Gilmore Girls. I've been watching 3 episodes a day prepping for the big revival coming out this week! (Eek!) 

When word got around of pop-up Luke's coffee shops coming to local stores across the country, my friend Kaitlin and I HAD to go! Lucky for us, Charlotte had two locations, one semi-close to work. We woke up way too early to stand in a long line of Gilmore fans but it was totally worth it. I enjoyed my hot chocolate and she enjoyed her Luke's coffee. You better believe I'm keeping that cup forever. #GeekingOut

Little Family Reunion
We enjoyed visiting with family and learning about the accomplishments of our elders. I couldn't get over the fact that our family routes back to Abe Lincoln days.

Halfway Point
I hit my halfway point of 20 weeks in October. One week later, Jeremy was able to feel his boy kick for the first time. He'll be here before we know it!

Rock Out
I'm gonna brag. One of my good friends from college is a legit rock star. He and his band, Disciple, FINALLY had a show in Charlotte and we couldn't miss it. I stayed up past my bedtime just for him. Worth it.

Happily Ever After
Our good friends Johnaustin and Stacie tied the knot! We traveled to the beautiful Holly Springs, NC to celebrate. Unfortunately I missed the ceremony (I had a pregnancy breakdown that morning/afternoon) but I was able to enjoy the reception and a great photo booth!

Rock The Vote
The election didn't turn out how we wanted but we made sure to vote early. 

Morning Glory Farms
This year we had our family photos on the beautiful property of Morning Glory Farms. Sunny always does a fabulous job capturing our love, giggles and kisses. This year was bittersweet as we knew it would be Apollo's last and our baby's first. 

This Is Halloween
We always buy too much candy for the 5 trick-or-treaters that stop by. Oh well, more for us :) We also enjoyed dressing Apollo in one of our favorite foods, a burger, of course!

And that, my friends, concludes October. As usual, I'm very late in posting this but hey, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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