Tuesday, September 27, 2016

First Trimester: Useless

If I could pick one word to describe me during the first trimester, it would be USELESS.

That's right. I have never been more lazy in my life. It felt that way, at least. I was lucky enough to not have morning sickness but it seemed like I exerted all of my energy at work during the week which left weekends for sleeping. That means our house was pretty dirty (Jeremy helped with the cleaning as much as he could). A flooding issue with the house next door damaging half of our living room didn't help the cause. Le sigh.

My emotions were pretty in tact for the most part. (2nd trimester is where the boo hoos really started). I can only recall crying twice; once over work drama and second over an episode of MTV's: The Challenge. Sad, I know, but I'm blaming the baby!

My cravings during the first 13 weeks were minimal. My stomach filled up quickly and I often couldn't finish big meals. Meat, in general, was a turn-off but I especially did not prefer chicken. If I had to eat meat, steak was the winner. Soup was a must and was probably my favorite meal during 1st trimester.

Week 7. Blueberry pancake for our blueberry-sized kid.

Soup in bed during one of those awful headache weekends.

Despite two horrible headaches and lazy weekends, there were some milestone moments during the later weeks of the first trimester.

11 weeks. I left my keys in a friends car during lunch at work. By the time I figured it out, she had already left. Lucky for me, my parents live down the road. While my dad came to pick me up, I enjoyed a pickle on the side of the road.

13 weeks. First site of the bump!

13 weeks. Finally getting my energy back. 5K finisher!

13 weeks. Picked up parenting tips from one of the best mama's I know! Elyse, Sawyer and I spent the day shopping at the Southern Women's Show.

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