Saturday, February 20, 2016

No Country For Old Dogs

And just like that, Apollo is old. Way back in 2008, we picked up Apollo from the Humane Society when he was just 3 months old. This year he's turning 8 years old aka 56 in dog years!

It's been entertaining watching him age. We've seen him basically as a toddler, kid, teen, adult, and now an old guy. He doesn't have much gray so he's either aged gracefully, or he's been using Just for Men on the DL.

His increasing age has also brought along some new, sometimes disgusting, qualities.

1. Slooowiwwiiing Dooooowwwnnn
This isn't really a surprise. Every dog gets slower as they age, especially large breeds. However, not every dog is just lazy to begin with. It's been a continuous joke in the Singleton house to talk about taking Apollo for a run. Even though it can be a fitness confidence boost, after about a 1/4 of a mile, he will begin putting on the brakes as he's huffing and puffing while his giant tongue hangs out of his mouth. And when a 130+ lbs dog wants to stop... you stop.

2. Sleeping Beauty
Back in the day, we could be sure that once we woke up, Apollo would at least be laying in the doorway patiently waiting for us to get up and take him out. Now? We practically have to beg the guy to get up so we can let him out. He is no longer a "morning person." Every morning, after telling him it's time to get up, he just gives a look that's definitely his way of saying, "nope." So now, the only way to get him up and downstairs is to (loudly) get his food into his bowl. Eventually, after some serious stretching, he rises and makes his way downstairs to begin his day. Are teenagers like this too?

3. It's raining, it's pouring, the old dog is snoring...
Bruh - if we have the fire going and Apollo is sleeping, you could close your eyes and I guarantee you'd ask, "who is that grown man snoring like that in the living room?"

4. "Wipe your mouth!"
As many of you know, Apollo drools.

A lot.

However, with his old age, it's like the drool just doesn't stop.

5. Yogurt
As he's gotten older, he seems to just be more relaxed causing more farts. It's gotten to the point where you're truly taking a risk if you let him walk up the stairs in front of you. Not only can his farts easily clear a room (sometimes even a floor), but they also smell like trash. Like... straight up trash.

No, for real.

Think dumpster.

No, worse than you're thinking because this dumpster has month old trash and rotten eggs in it.

Yup... I think you're getting it now.

So thankfully, adding a little yogurt to his food helps cut down on the gas (praise Jesus!). Apollo is basically the only one who eats yogurt in our house, and with is farts, you better believe yogurt is always on the shopping list.

Gas, drool, and all, we couldn't ask for a better dog. Apollo, we love you, big guy!

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