Monday, October 19, 2015


Sometimes you need to break out of your regular routine of burger joints and movies for date nights and do something a little different. This October we did just that by heading to the Comedy Zone for a double date and a night with Justin Willman, comedian AND magician. Yes, magician. It sounds nerdy but his stuff is pretty cool. Justin has a great way of making fun of magic but blowing your mind all at the same time. He brings technology and members of the audience into the picture making his act more unique than most. He made our first experience at the Comedy Zone a great one and we plan to go back in the future.

Photo by Jonathan Bayme

Photo by Jonathan Bayme

Oh, and if Justin looks familiar it's probably because you've seen him hosting Cupcake Wars in the past. Does that show still come on? His recent wedding has also gone viral. He and his wife had an epic first dance to, "I put a spell on You" (fitting coming from marrying a magician) and their Drunk History parody of how they met. It was pretty hilarious.

What's a better way to mix up date night than going out on a Monday night? You guys....going out on Monday is HARD. I was mixed up on days for the rest of the week. It felt like Monday on Tuesday and Wednesday on was a mess but it was fun staying up past our bedtimes. I was able to pry Jeremy away from football and take him to see the awkwardly awesome, Brett Dennen. I missed him play earlier this year in Charlotte and I didn't want to miss my second chance. Brett put on a great show, reminding me how much I loved his folky, soulful and playful voice. His personality was also quite the entertainment for the night.

We can't go out every Monday night. One, because Monday = Football. Two, because we're old. Tuesday morning was a struggle getting out of bed but it was totally worth it to switch things up and get out of our normal routine for the week.

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