Sunday, June 28, 2015

Back to the Earth

A wise and great man once said, "when I think about what the Garden of Eden may have looked like, I picture Yosemite."

That man, was Jeremy Singleton.

When we were deciding on places to visit for this trip, for some reason Yosemite didn't generate much buzz. We knew it was a beautiful national park, and definitely a landmark site for our country.

…and then we saw it.

We were lucky to have an awesome tour guide for this trip. You could easily tell he was passionate about this history of Yosemite and he genuinely enjoyed seeing people experience the natural beauty.

Just getting to Yosemite was a great start. The slow ride up the winding roads, climbing higher and higher in elevation made each passing minute a prettier view than the previous.

Once we arrived, we went on the best hike we've ever been on. Natural beauty surrounded us with each step. We were able to walk around (and through) giant sequoias, see a few wild animals, enjoy a picture perfect lunch by the river, watch a few crazy people rock climbing, and of course, take in magnificent views of the infamous Half Dome.

This water was very cold.

Can you spot the rock climber?
Can you spot the rock climber?

Words and pictures just really aren't good enough to truly describe the beauty. There's something about un-touched nature that draws you in. It amazes us how perfect nature is. How it resets itself and automatically does whatever is necessary to continue life.

We both agreed visiting Yosemite was the highlight of our trip. We honestly just didn't expect to be completely stunned by it's beauty. We're so glad we were able to experience Yosemite and can't wait to someday visit again!

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