Friday, February 24, 2012

So over February

Although the unusual warm February weather has been nice, I am totally done with the shortest month of the year. I say this only because March has the potential to be an awesome 4 weeks that I'm just itchin' to get to. Here's why:

March 6th. Baby, Baby, Baby, Ohhhhhhh (yes, I just quoted Justin Bieber). Only two short weeks until I am to become an Aunt! That is if everything goes according to plan :) I can't wait to hold him in my arms and spoil him rotten!

March 13th. Dave Barnes: Stories to Tell. One of my favorite artist, Dave Barnes, is releasing his most recent studio album and I am super excited to listen to it. I'm already a fan of the two singles he has released so I have a feeling I'll end up enjoying the entire album.

March 21st. Jeremy's Birthday. Jeremy turns 27 this year. 27!!! We're getting old. I'm not sure what we'll be doing to celebrate his birthday this year but it will be fun nonetheless. We also celebrate Reuben's (my brother-in-law) birthday on March 2nd and Jessie's (my mother-in-law) birthday on March 23rd. Woohoo!

March 23rd. The Hunger Games. Words cannot explain how excited I am about this movie. I was instantly hooked on the book series and I've been counting down to the movie premiere ever since! Anyone else plan on going to see it?

I'd also like to add that Daylight Saving Time (longer days) and Spring (my favorite season) will all begin in March. Jeremy would also like me to state that March Madness begins (yay). Are you now pumped and ready for the month of March as much as I am?!  Let's get the ball rolling and be done with February already! I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on how awesome it will be. Stay tuned!


  1. You didn't forget my birthday is the 17th, did you?

  2. Hi Greg! I didn't forget your birthday! Just another reason to add that March is great month!