Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010. You were Good to Us.

2010 is over but booooooy was it good.  It was the best year out of Jeremy and I's relationship together.  Have a listen as to why:

As you're listening, enjoy the pictures that go along with each month!


On top of Newwwwwww York! (Empire State Building)

My favorite picture of the trip.  The NY Skyline.  Ahhhhhhmazing! Charlotte's skyline has nothing on New York.

Naked Cowboy! (He was always shown on TRL)
Lady Liberty (not Asha, the Statue)
The Lion King =  Best Broadway Show Everrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Fabric at MOOD! (Project Runway destination)
Times Square! (Asha had a headache if you're wondering why she is making that face)
Carlo's Bakery AKA Cake Boss!!
Buddy from Cake Boss!
So long, New York.  Thanks for treating us well!
January 26th, Jeremy proposes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
Black Eyed Peas come to Charlotte! We decide to go since they were cheap tickets.
Birthday present for Reuben = Jay Z
App advances in the basketball SOCON tournament.
Jeremy meets Jonathan Stewart of the Panthers and goes on a Birthday Extravaganza!
Happy Birthday Jeremy! (and CJ)
Jeremy and CJs awesome cake.
Bobcats make it to the Playoffs for the first time!

Whiteout at the Bobcats game. Nelly and Kevin Hart are in the crowd somewhere.

Kevin Hart.  Funny comedian but Asha fell asleep :(

Happy Birthday Asha! (and Chelsea)

Dave Barnes takes Eric Hutchinson's #2 spot on Asha's favorite artists list.
Georgia Aquarium

Warrior Dashhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Jeremy starts his new job at the Y and they get a new logo.
4th of July at the Whitewater Center.  It was hot, that's why J has his shirt off.
Orlando trip #1.  Time for a swim!

Dolphin Show at Sea World
Sea World...before my breakdown.


I forgot to say this in the podcast, but I went to see John Mayer with my friends below!

At the John Mayer concert with these lovely ladies.
Football 101 with Elyse!

Engagement Photo session with Kramer.

Bushwallaaaaaaaa comes to Charlotte!

with Mr. Billy Galewood aka Bushwalla

Front row at Maroon 5!

Adam Levine of Maroon 5
Riverbanks Zoo!

The lovely Jason Mrazzzzzzzz! Show #6 for Asha!
Disney Worrrrrrrrld!!!!!

Back to Greenville, SC to go see these guys below!

Bucket Boys!

Bucket Boy set!

Hanson show. Asha's teeny bopper dream comes true. 

Asha gets an iPhone 4! AMEN!

Dave Barnes #2!!!!!

Jeremy's first Thanksgiving with mi familia

Concord Christmas Lights

Asha completes 2010 new years resolution.  Go read that blog if you haven't.

We experience our  first WHITE CHRISTMAS!! 

Juicebox comes!!!!!! Jeremy is a officially a Bluncle!
Saying goodbye to 2010 with friends we love!

And there we have it. 2010 in a nutshell.  Thanks to all our friends and family for making it an epic year and we hope to see you all on JUNE 4, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (you won't want to miss it)

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